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My 2020 Story

Well I lost my job but was lucky enough to gain another locally.  I’ve been in an Air BnB since March, but have generous owners who have continually extended the stay period.  I have adopted a cat … thought I was a dog person?! Am trying to study a new course, and have gained the lockdown winter weight.

I am worried about the economy, the mental health of my family, friends, and myself; and the number of suicides that may result due to failed businesses, lost lives, and loves.  I’m trying to retain my sense of humor, but it’s becoming a struggle. The thought of going back to work, social interaction, and a busy life do not appeal to me now; and I think agoraphobia is rising.  I avoid the news, and discussions on who, why, and what is to blame for the worlds pain; am trying to meditate to keep my sanity; and enjoy long walks on the beach .. solo … enjoying the salty air through my hospitable grade mask.  But most importantly I want to help those who are struggling to have the most basic of human needs - food and shelter.  

And so Our Kitchens was born.

Cooking is also a way of unwinding for me, so even though the budget is tight, it’s been a soul soothing excursion to take the time to try new recipes and create my own.

One of my all-time favorite dishes is from Three Blue Ducks @ The Farm in Byron Bay, NSW Australia, but recreated with whatever I have in the cupboard.  It is a take on their mussel curry.  Here I’ve added some fresh fish so my Cat Companion can have a treat as well, and I’ve used barley instead of brown rice due to cupboard.  Add some fresh vegies and a glass(es) of wine and I can almost transport myself back to that glorious outdoor deck.


What are you cooking, who with, and why? 



We're looking for one or all of the below:

  • Recipes you mastered  (written and giving credit if not your original)

  • Photos of cooking your meal, or the final product … or the empty plates (jpeg format)

  • Photos of you, your family, pet, anything that was your lifeline (jpeg format)

  • Your story (limited to a few paragraphs)

  • Pictures your kids have drawn


Submissions collected will be published into a book with all profits to be donated to various charities that concentrate on providing immediate food, clothing, and shelter.  These charities will be chosen after the closing date to ensure the funds go to those areas who require the most support at the time.  Given the debt and job losses looming in front of us for who knows how long, we want to show our love and support.

Let’s celebrate our extraordinary fortitude and pay homage to each other, our cultures, and our communities, and celebrate our differences by showcasing our wins and fails, smiles and tears, families and solitude we’ve all braved this year.


OK x

any questions fill in the below or private message through the social media links


The poignant beauty of humanity & survival in 2020  

We need contributions from you to create something positive from the madness of this year, and in turn support those in our communities who need it most. How you ask, well it’s as simple as sharing your story, with all profits to be donated to charities supplying immediate assistance.

So what are you cooking, with who, and why?  

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